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Easy Non Cooking Recipes

easy non cooking recipes

    cooking recipes
  • (Cooking recipe) A recipe is a set of instructions that describe how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.

  • easily: with ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily'); "she was easily excited"; "was easily confused"; "he won easily"; "this china breaks very easily"; "success came too easy"

  • not hurried or forced; "an easy walk around the block"; "at a leisurely (or easygoing) pace"

  • posing no difficulty; requiring little effort; "an easy job"; "an easy problem"; "an easy victory"; "the house is easy to heat"; "satisfied with easy answers"; "took the easy way out of his dilemma"

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Ternary trenette - photorecipe

Ternary trenette - photorecipe

Here it is an easy vegan recipe, very colored, which will make you famous between your friends.
It is “ternary” because usually bell peppers can be found in three colors: red, yellow and green.
The preparation requires no more than 10 minutes, plus the cooking time of the pasta.

The ingredients below are for four persons, because usually peppers are sold as a whole.
You can make this recipe for one or two person, however, using the excess of peppers for a really good salad.
- 250 grams of trenette (made with durum wheat semolina, i.e. the “normal” italian pasta)
- 3 bell peppers, a bit bigger than a baseball ball, in assorted colors
- 2 spoons of extravirgin olive oil
- salt

An earthware pan like the one used by me, beyond to give a peculiar taste to your dish, is also perfect for an informal presentation.

CAUTION: the earthware requires a mesh under it, to avoid a direct contact with the flame, and the handles of the earthware pan can become *very hot*.

Clean the bell peppers, removing the stem, the seeds and the inner white ribs.
Cut them in thin stripes, between 1/2 cm and 1 cm (that is between 1/4" and 1/2" more or less).
Place the stripes into the earthware pan with a spoon of oil and salt.

Put a lid over the pan and leave on moderate fire, stirring from time to time.
The cooking time for the peppers is the same required to boil the water and to cook the pasta “al dente”: this saves a lot of your precious time.
Cook the pasta and, when it is ready, drain it and put it into the earthware pan, without to remove it from the fire.
Stir until the peppers (now they are soft) and the trenette are well mixed, and add the last spoon of oil.
Serve into the cooking pan.

Wine suggestion: a very light red or rose.

Korean Seafood Pancakes + Recipe

Korean Seafood Pancakes + Recipe

A truly delicious savoury pancakes made easy with pre-made Korean pancakes mix. Chopped hot spicy chilli padi was added to the last two pancake batter just before frying...for myself~ I love them hot and spicy!

My version:
Korean Seafood Pancakes

2 ? cup Korean pancake mix
2 ? cups water
1 ? level tsp sea salt
6 spring onions – cut into 2-cm long
2 small carrots – peeled and julienned
Chillies – optional
Prawns – random amount
Fresh scallops – random amount
Pinch of ajinomoto

1. Mix Korean pancake mix with water and sea salt into a batter. It’s OK if the batter appears lumpy.
2. Shell prawns, devein and cut into small bits. Cut scallops into thin slices.
3. Add in all ingredients to the batter. Mix well.
4. Heat up a non-stick pan with small amount of oil, ladle some pancake batter into the hot pan, spread out the mixture evenly and cook each side for 2-3 minutes over low heat.
5. When the pancake has set, and the edges have turned golden, flip it over and cook the second side.
6. Repeat until the batter is used up.

Tips: You can add in a lot more vegetables or other combination, in the pancakes if prefer.

easy non cooking recipes

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